colombia poker tournament

But that's what my opponent did, for jugar zynga poker online one seventh of his total stack.
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Time was running out.I like to explore new cities without thinking about where I am going or where I have been.I had decided to forgo the 5:00 shuttle from downtown for the 5:30.I pocketed 200,000, content to cash it in the next day.Calle 26 #62-47, Gran Estacion Mall.I was back in South America alright.The security people passed me through without major incident.After I mucked my hand the dealer spread the ace to reveal the two of clubs, face up, underneath.Assuming 30 players register each day, that's a total prize pool of 114 million (40,000 USD).While this is a high cap (7 USD the percentage is low.

I had 66 equity in a three-way nickel dime quarter poker games all-in and was crushing in the substantial side pot.
On my first poker trip to Bogota, I failed to find many poker rooms (since there is virtually no information on the web and the place I did premio gordo de la loteria find closed just a few months after I left.
Once you have travelled enough, things take on a certain lack of urgency.
Regardless of the game or limit, the rake is 5, with a maximum of 20,000.
They offer two tournaments every Monday to Thursday.End of the terminal.Supervisor told me to run.However, you must complete your hand before everyone folds, so I'd strongly recommend not semi-bluffing your straight-flush draws.If you are willing to visit one of these cities on business or vacation, you will be able to make your trip fancier with live poker play, which will spice up your visit.

I opened my QJ, under the gun tabled 82 offsuit, and the button turned over.
There are also plenty of other casinos in Bogota, so it is entirely possible that I missed a couple.