Detail of the progress.
Ive since merged all of my woodworking and guitar making content into one place, which is Westfarthing Woodworks.
Sanding beams (0.0001 accurate) not Ibanez neck-, electric guitar neck fretted with different sized wire every 3 frets.
The one negative point I picked up from this slotting box is that it cannot slot a single-piece Fender-style neck, however neither can any other slotting box on the market.Online Slotting Order Form.The template is made from phenolic resin sheet although Perspex or even plywood would.Note Hesh - erm of course I'd normally attach my shop vac to the erm, saw blade, but um, photo clarity and all that you know?Burnish the tape on the wood with slight finger pressure.Low prices, why not spend your time on more creative aspects of your building and leave the slotting.The fret board blank attached with double sided tape to the template and half way through having the slots cut.

I made mine from scraps.
Glass bottomed plane, jescar fret wire (four sizes in stock).
Feed the boards into the jig with the slotted board facing down.
I prefer to make this pin from very hard wood or from aluminum.Online C ustom Fret Slotting Order Form after many frustrating months we finally have a new online order for working!It will not need juegos maquinas tragamonedas gratis en espanol ni registrarse to be forced, and it should drop nicely into place over the bar.Most places are restricted down to Rosewood or Ebony, but with a slotting jig you can use more exotic woods.The first step is to eliminate the need to position the board by hand for each cut.The gap is easily measured with a steel ruler or even against a piece of your fretwire.

Radius Gauges, radius sanding blocks: Flat,.25,.5, 10, 12, 16,.
Here's what the scrap piece looks like once I'm done.