While the body changes weight, the upper torso remains almost immobile.
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Rueda de Casino (a melding of the salsa dance with folk dancing to form a circular salsa dance line with partner swapping.
One identifying characteristic of this style new york new york casino restaurants is that the dance begins on the downbeat of one or three, as opposed to two (the original.
Today it is a worldwide phenomenon thrilling both club dancers and professional competitors twisting with "Cuban motion" for millions of fans.Most of the salsa dances performed in professional ballroom and on TV shows such as Dancing With the Stars comes from the LA Style.While it is a relatively young movement form, salsa is a vibrant and growing part of the world's dance culture.It was not the topic I was looking for It didn't have enough information It had errors or incorrect information It didn't seem trustworthy Something else Additional details: Ballroom Dance Pictures, latin American Dance Pictures LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted.Home, Music, Dance, Clubs, Events, Photos, Places, People, New York, Paris, Contact, Features, Willie Colon 10/23/99, madison Square Garden, celia Cruz "la guarachera de Cuba" at the.As salsa dance became more popular beyond the shores of Cuba, the different styles became identified by the various geographic areas where they developed.The web's most Current Salsa City-Guides.CongaHead Martin Cohen's (LP) Salsa Photo Site France Salsa Furiosa Dejavu Love this Site Washington DC The Salsa News Radio Stations Record Companies Home, Music, Dance, Clubs, Events, Photos, Places, People, New York, Paris, Contact, Features m Contact Us Terms of Use Copyright m, NYC.The Cuban solo form has also developed to allow individuals to dance the salsa without a partner, just enjoying their bodies moving to the rhythm.

The music and dance styles of salsa developed simultaneously in the 1920s as various musical styles such as Mambo, African, and "Son Montuno" came together on the island of Cuba.
They are also continuing to integrate their own styles into the form, such as hip hop and middle-eastern dance.
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The style itself tends towards a relaxed and almost motionless upper body with intricate footwork.Was this page useful?Cuban-Style "Casino the "original" salsa developed in Cuba during the mid-20th century.This "casino" (named for the Spanish dance clubs where people gathered) is still considered an integral part of Latin-American heritage, and the style has spread to Europe, South America, and even as far as Israel.Dance, history of Dance, salsa Dance History, the history of salsa dance stretches back almost a century to the island of Cuba.Some salsa styles are fast, almost frenetic, with whirling partner moves, while others seem more relaxed and sensual with elements of Argentine tango or slow rhumba in them.

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